Cooling off by an alpine lake in the Squamish, BC backcountry

Cooling off by an alpine lake in the Squamish, BC backcountry

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  • Wow it looks too good to be real!!!

  • Camera/Lens: A7iii/Tamron f2.8 17-28mm

    Settings: f8.0 1/320s iso100 17mm


  • Awesome lake. Good picture, made me feel chilly.

    Thanks, Evan!

  • Alpine lake in BC = near freezing. I was kinda hoping it was a hot spring so she could actually go in.

  • Amazing looking place. Great picture.

  • This trail has been getting so over run recently they have been asking people to stay away with the hoards of people camping there it is becoming disgusting. At least you didn’t name the lake but people posting it on social media is turning it into Joffre Lakes 2.0

  • You should Post this Foto on Instagram, not on reddit

  • I can hear Austin Powers in my mind: “Does this make you horny baby? RANDY?”

  • That girl is freezing.

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