14er Headache longer than a week

So I went on and did a 14er, I live at 5000 feet in Denver. And got a absolute massive headache coming down. Felt like heat exhaustion almost but I drank plenty of water I still drove home just feeling tired. It’s been a week since then. I talk and walk normal but have had a headache everyday since. I have felt sluggish and tired but nothing serious I suppose. Still going to work. I got so worried I went to urgent care and was pretty much just roasted and told to take ibuprofin. I never ever get headaches and I’m a very fit person. Just wondered if any of you have felt these symptoms of a week long + headache of sluggish feeling. I’m a big runner and love to stay active but I’m very worried I have a serious condition the Doctors are shrugging off. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Altitude sickness can make some folks miserable.

    A buddy had headaches every trip. Not sure about afterwards though. Mid 12’s at our highest.

    High altitudes can also raise your blood pressure.

  • Maybe the change in pressure caused sinus issues? Sinus infections can cause all sorts of other symptoms including fatigue.

  • Plus wildfire smoke

  • **You went to an urgent care center for a Wilderness/Travel/Aerospace Medicine problem… that’s like going to McDonald’s and asking for a Filet Mignon.** Those doctors aren’t familiar Altitude Sickness… they simply aren’t trained for what you are asking them for help with…. especially if the provider you saw was a Family doctor or a Nurse Practitioner. They arent “shrugging off” your situation. It’s literally as unclear to them as if you went to McDonald’s for a steak.

    Make an appointment with an Internal Medicine physician, and tell them in advance that you are coming in for Altitude Sickness. Ask to speak with the doctor in advance so you can let them know that you are coming in for something that they haven’t read about since medical school. What you really need is a Wilderness Medicine or Aerospace Medicine specialist, but it’s almost impossible for you to find one.

    Find a doctor who has chapters on Altitude Sickness, Barotrauma, the Bends, and other esoteric diseases somewhere in the back of their textbook, and give them a heads up to review the disease before you see them. Also, the longer it takes you to see them, the more your body will re-equilibrate, and the harder it will be to diagnose.

  • Pretty clear case of altitude sickness!

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