The moment my son was done with hiking this morning. McKinney Roughs Nature Park, Cedar Creek, Texas

The moment my son was done with hiking this morning. McKinney Roughs Nature Park, Cedar Creek, Texas

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  • 3.9 miles and 13 flights climbed this morning. We thought the weather would be decent but it got hot real quick. My kids did not enjoy the climbing up the trails after resting on the Colorado River.

  • We’ve all been there. Right guys

  • I feel ya, kid

  • Man, he is *all* the way done.

  • This is great that he is out and about despite a rough outing for him. He just may appreciate this moment years from now. He’s even prepared with his pack. Good Times.

  • I’m 20 years old and I still have broken down on hikes with my mum. Sometimes the heat can just get to you!!

  • Remind him of how tough he is for finishing the hike tomorrow. Something he can proudly look back on.

  • That’s most Monday’s for me… he’s doing fine 😉

  • I’ve had adult friends do this

  • Same thing happen to my niece 5 years ago. Now, she keeps a steady 1/4 pace in front of me!

  • When my youngest was about that age, she announced that she hated hikes. I had to rename them “walks”. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice that they were the same thing.

  • This looks so familiar 🙂

  • Lol, my son has done that too on a long uphill towards a castle in Germany. We keep adding distance though and they are excited to get their own hiking poles once they can do a 10 mile day. It gives them something to work towards.

    My younger son just wants to walk without a shirt on. It could be 65 and he is “too hot” and will happily walk the rest of the way with no shirt and his camelbak on.

  • I know that feel little dude. If you don’t spontaneously burst into tears on the trail, are you even pushing yourself?

  • Looks like me after a night done cooking for a bunch of self centered pricks.

  • I started hiking at 5-6 yo and my father was using a Fanta-like soda to bribe me so I never gave up 🙂 now the kids would want an iphone or something.

  • Is that a high vis backpack? Good call! Poor thing, Texas is a beast of climate.

  • Oh man, relatable content

  • Been there. Ran out of water on a 14 mile hike when it was 95 out.

  • That image is perfect for the year

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