Arkansas Hiking

My hiking buddy and I are planning on doing our first “big” hike soon in Arkansas. We’ve been looking at the Athens Big Fork Trail because it’s apparently the most challenging in the state but Eagle Rock Loop looks pretty fun as well.

Has anyone done the full loop on either of these? We’re planning on making it a day hike about a month from now, and I’m looking for any advice.

Any special equipment we might need or dangerous animals we might need to stay cautious for?

Any advice is welcome, thanks for your time!

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  • Ticks seem to be the biggest concern. Unsure if they are prevalent at this time in the season. Watch for water crossings by checking the Langley river or creek water gauge. Supposedly they can be dangerous after heavy rainfall. Otherwise it is pretty straight forward. Hike is about 93 percent under tree cover. Eagle rock loop that is.

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