Can you convince me to buy different boots?

After 6 years and many hundreds of kilometers of happiness I donated my trusty old boots to someone less fortunate.

So now it is time for a new pair of boots. The obvious replacement is the newest iteration of the same boots: []( especially since they are on special.

Can anyone give me a reason to buy something else?

I have ankle issues and my shoes need to be specially modified thanks to a shattered femur 12 years ago. For this reason I want the best shoes possible. Cost doesn’t matter too much, but the shoes have to be lightweight.

I admit that I am a huge Hi-tec fanboy due to decades of positive experiences. (One of only 2 brand names I openly endorse)

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  • I see no reason to swap; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The boots. Not the leg (sorry to hear that). Hi Tec still make good stuff IMHO. And at least for me, their fit was a bit different, so getting something else might not be so easy.

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