Good alternatives to a gun to protect myself against large animals

I’m looking for good, safe alternatives to gun that I can carry with me while out in the woods. I have some big plans and I’ll be out in the windedness for a long while in some bear country. Along with the occasional mountain lion, cougar, or really just anything or anyone trying to hurt me or someone I’m with. Guns just aren’t really my style and plus I’m not too sure about how I could carry a gun whole crossing multiple state lines. I’ve got some other reasons id rather not get into as well.

TL;DR: Looking for legal alternatives to a gun I can use to protect myself from large animals or like a robber or something. (lethal & non-lethal)

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  • There is bear mace. After that and a gun I’m not sure how many other options there are. Anything else is going to require a lot of skill and practice. If it was a suitable alternative for you, I’d think you would know. Heck guns aren’t as easy to use as most people think. They require training for safe handling and use.

  • Air horns and bear spray are great. Don’t use pepper spray because that can damage the bear’s (or whatever animal’s) sense of smell permanently. Noise makers are also great. Some people wear bells on their shoes. Talk a lot when you hike. Be loud when you walk. Smelling like deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc. also helps since they can catch the scent and choose to avoid you long before you’re actually near them.

    Most importantly, educate yourself on the animals in your area and how to minimize the risk of an encounter and how to protect yourself and the animal if you do bump into a predator. Animals will be most aggressive when babies are involved, obviously, or if you’re between them and a meal. It is uncommon that you are actually the intended meal. Mating season can and will cause heightened aggression too.

  • My uncle who lived in Alaska awhile would carry a flare, he said guns will only anger a bear especially if you miss. Your don’t want to look grizzly bears in the eye, and don’t play dead for a black bear, I wouldn’t play dead for any bear. Good luck!

  • Bear spray is recommended by virtually every expert in the field. That, being “bear aware” (lots of literature on that) and common sense are your best protection. But, seriously, your chances of encountering a dangerous animal are pretty slim. You’re in much more danger on the drive to the train head.

  • a machete

    its lighter than a gun, it wont run out of bullets and will scare away this fictitious robber you speak of because theyll think youre a machete-wielding psycho

    bonus! you can use it to process fallen branches for a campfire. just be sure to leave no trace. also dont use the machete on living trees… especially old growth trees

    most importantly, youll look like a badass with a machete strapped to the back of your pack

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