Gourmet Trail Recipes: Reuben Sandwich Wraps

Reuben wrap

The word “gourmet” is relative. Especially when it comes to long distance backpacking. As a foodie and a long distance backpacker, I struggle to find a compromise. Here is a sampling of one of my recipes that takes a little extra time to make, but the reward is worth it!


  • 8 oz. sliced corned beef
  • 3/4 c. saurkraut
  • 3-4 Mini Babybel Swiss cheeses
  • 1.5 oz. packet Thousand Island dressing
  • 2- 8″ flour tortillas or 2 rye bagels or 2 large slices of rye bread

Corned BeefThousand Island Dressing

At Home Preparation

At home, slice the corned beef into small squares and place on a mesh tray in the food dehydrator. On the liquid tray in the dehydrator, spread your saurkraut. Dry both until no moisture remains. Place both items into a pint or quart ziplock.

Drying Corned BeefimageReuben Packaged

On-Trail Preparation

Place beef/kraut in cook pot and cover with water until it is mostly covered, but the top layer is exposed. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat (covered). Allow to soak about 10 minutes, stirring at least once, until beef is tender. Slice Babybel swiss into quarters or smaller and stir into mixture. Allow to melt. Scoop mixture onto a tortilla, rye bagel, or rye bread. Top with dressing. Enjoy!

Rueben in pot


Shelf stable bacon would be an unnecessary, but lovely addition.

1040 calories.

If you liked this idea, watch for other “Gourmet Trail Recipes” coming soon. No way you would put this much work into trail food? Watch for upcoming articles entitled “Favorite Easy Trail Recipes”.

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