Mt. Washington, NH in October

First week of October my better half and I hope to hike Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.

As a place notorious for bad weather should we anticipate snow close to the summit? Would it be best to pack some removable snow spikes for our boots?

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  • I think snow there in October is highly likely. I was there in July and the temp was in the mid 40s.

  • We did the Pemi loop which was great but there were a lot of hikers. We did a final day on Mt. Washington but other than that I don’t have much experience there. I am looking forward to going back sometime though.

  • Mt Washington has a web site giving daily and projected forecasts. Check it frequently. Early October, plan for 4 seasons – not a joke. Probably want a bivvy per person and 2 days high energy foods (carbs). Make sure someone has your route plan and a cut-off time for you to call them that you are done. Plan needs all cell numbers, license plate of car, parking location, plannned trail, potential escape points/trails. With this, if NHFG gets called because you didn’t call in, your chance of rescue is better.
    Plan for the worst, and be blessed if you get the best.

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