Packing for Backpacking

New to backpacking, wondering how y’all organize gear inside your pack. Do you use dry bags, ziplocks, just throw it in? Curious to hear your methods.

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  • Stuff sack for function: clothes, kitchen, food, tent, misc gear. Different color to easily differentiate

  • Most gear comes with a stuff sack. And I like packs with internal compartmentalization. A few things, like clothes, electronics, and hygiene gear, are in stuff sacks I’ve purchased. I normally just use ziplocs for food.

  • I have 3 stuff sacks.

    1. Small stuff like electronics, toiletries, first aid/repair kit. Just a 3L waterproof bag.

    2. Shelter, the one it came in.

    3. Sleeping bag, pad, pillow, spare clothes. I use a garbage bag.

    Everything else goes in loose or in one of the outside pockets on my pack.

    Spend some time practicing packing and unpacking your pack to get an idea where you like to put things.

  • TL;DR :: stuff sacks weigh a lot and arent see thru, i use 5 pint size ziplok bags for my little things and shove everything else into a giant pack liner bag


    stuff sacks and dry bags are heavy, typically oversized for whats inside them and you cant see thru them. they also tend to make little balls of stuff that dont pack well in a backpack, leaving gaps and holes inbetween each of them. once i got rid of the compression bag for my quilt i was able to drop down a massive size in my backpack because i was able to take better advantage of the room i had

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