Ozark Trail [Taum Sauk to Johnson’s Shut-Ins], Missouri — advice, tips, pointers, etc

im hiking the OT from Taum Sauk Mountain to JSI next week [around 13.5mi]. ill have a basecamp set up at JSI so i wont be carrying a shelter or sleep system with me. the idea is to get dropped off at taum sauk SP early in the morning after breakfast and hike my way back to camp on the OT

ill be using my daypack loaded with the essentials, some extra food, a rain jacket and a microgrid fleece.

does anyone have any advice or pointers for the Taum Sauk to JSI section? are there any sights i should be on the lookout for? is there a shortage of water on the trail? should i plan for a long water haul after mina sauk falls til i reach the black river? any other pointers? thanx!

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