Winter Sleeping Bag for Mountains of Vermont/New Hampshire

I’m looking to add a new bag to my arsenal for winter camping in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. Weight + packing size are not a huge factor since all of my winter camping is usually car camping.

Going off of past years, temperatures are typically in the in the 0 to 20 degrees at night, but can dip into subzero temps. I’m thinking a -20 bag would do me good and have been looking at:

* Marmot Col -20
* Nemo Equipment Sonic Down -20 bags.

I’m hoping to get some extra feedback on one or both of these bags as well as any other suggestions I should look at.

Budget is no more than $700.

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  • What do you have now? I use a quilt over a sleeping bag, both are rated around 30°F and it’s very comfortable.

  • I would only be buying from nunatak, loco libre, western mountaineering or feathered friends. For that temp range. A hot tent set up from seekoutside, luxe etc. would also be something to consider.

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