Camping with Dogs – How low do you go?


Just wondering how low in temperature you fine folks take your dogs out in? I’m rather hesitant to take my short-haired Pit out below 50 since he gets chilly pretty easily. I figure others take their pooches out camping well below this? Do you worry about hypothermia with water crossings? I’m assuming that’s still an issue with pooches…

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  • Do you not let your dog in the tent with you? I have the Yeti Lowlands blanket and it helps with mine ripping the bottom of the tent. I usually just have my clothes laying around in my tent for her. If she gets cold, she can get under my insulated jacket. I usually check on her because I always seem to wake up a few times in the middle of the night when I camp. If she gets cold, I would partially zip open my sleeping bag and let her in. She’s a border collie by the way. They are somewhat good with cold weather. If you are 100% unsure, bring some emergency blankets with you. They cost about $1 each and work amazing.

  • Lowest I’ve camped with my pup is like 35 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe lower. We’ve slept on snowpack, in the middle of winter, and he’s even accidentally ran into a half frozen lake before. He will not cuddle me at night generally and hates fire of any kind (I think it’s because he’s a hound and the smoke hurts his sniffer). We have always tent camped so far and I use my hammock to cover him as well as a Mylar blanket.

    If you’re worried you can always get your boy a nice dog coat for colder temps.

  • Have you guys experienced any issues with water crossings? Have a western North Carolina hike planned in November with two river crossings I wonder about…

  • Every dog is different. Even as my dog ages I have to adjust the length and high/low temps she can handle.

    I have a 10 year old husky/shepard – so low temps are okay with her. The lowest we go out is 15F for overnight trips. The highest we go out is 85F. Yes – cold / hypothermia is a concern. My dog will shake when she is cold – just like us. I make sure to have a wool jacket (that my GF made) and a closed cell foam pad for her in cold temps. I also cut an old sleeping bag in half that she uses on really cold trips.

    She is okay with 15 mile days over variable terrain. This is slowing getting lower and lower, maybe her max is at 10 mile days now depending on how much sun / snow there is.

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