Trouble breaking in Zamberlan boots

I bought a pair of Zamberlan 996 Vioz GTX boots a few months ago. How long do these boots usually take to break in? I feel they fit well (one size down was definitely too small as my toe just touched the front of the shoe), but even on a 5k walk with lots of up and down they rub near the inside of the heel and cause blisters. Did approximately 10 walks so far (5-7km) and would expect things to get better by now, even though I realise that they’re a very stiff shoe. Tried double socks, insole, tighter lacing, nothing seems to help. Any tips?

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  • Might be worth trying different ways of lacing the boots.

    You could also do some preventative taping of areas that rub a lot and see if that helps. Leukotape works best but athletic tape should do ok if you cant find it. Duct tape won’t breathe and can make things worse.

    Honestly low cut, lighter and more breathable footwear is becoming the norm because full leather GTX boots are hot, heavy, painful, and largely unnecessary.

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