What volume stuff/compression sack should I use for my tent?

I have a Coleman Sundome 2 person tent that I wanna stuff into a sack. I can do that without negative consequences, right? I think I saw another post where people said it was totally fine to hike with your tent in a compression sack. It just takes up so much room if I fold and store it “properly” in its case. Do you think a 15L-ish sack would comfortably fit my tent sans poles and stakes? Should I go bigger or smaller?

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  • Yes, you can put a tent into a compression sack without damaging it. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in there full time – but during your hike is no problem.

    Side Note – the Sundome 2 is not a backpacking tent. You are having a problem with it’s bulky size because it was designed for car style camping. If you have the resources – it would be great to upgrade that tent to one optimized for backpacking.

  • Does it have to be a compression sack? I have a 60l hiking bag that I stuff everything in, including sleeping bag, tent, and poles. I have a rain cover that goes over the bag as well.

    I would assume a 30-40l bag would fit all you need and more.

  • No sack will change your life. Use the tent to fill any loose space between other things you packed and it will take up a surprisingly small amount of space.

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