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Help: Hiking boots turn my ankles so bad they tear tendons

I live in a very, very rural area (3 hours from a coffee shop). There’s a dozen completely ungroomed trails around here and often sneakers

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Winter hiking boots for hiking during the fall (Canada)

Hi there, Sorry if this question sounds stupid 🙁 I have a pair of Merrell Overlook 6 Ice+ Arctic Grip Waterproof that I don’t use

Hiking via reddit

Oldschool looking hiking boots.

Does anybody knows brands that still produce oldschool looking hiking boots, besides Danners? I would like a price around 200$ not 400$. I love brown


Reviewing Danner’s Mountain Light and Mountain Light II Hiking Boots

In this review I will be talking about the Danner Mountain Light and Mountain Light II boots and my overall experience with and love of


Hiking Boots Vs Hiking Shoes

Another mild debate of the last few years in the hiking/backpacking community has been that of hiking boots vs. hiking shoes. Some don’t consider this


What Should You Know about Hiking Boots?

What is essential equipment for you when going on a hiking? Beside, your backpack, you also have to consider about your footwear. You will be


Asolo Hiking Boots – Why Hikers Love These Outdoor Shoes So Much

Asolo hiking boots are for the serious hikers, outdoorsmen, the working man, and backpackers. The ruggedness and design of these durable hiking shoes is virtually


Hiking Boots: How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Them

You bought your favorite pair of waterproof hiking boots years ago and they’ve protected your feet and allowed you many, many miles of excellent hiking,


Considerations When Shopping For Men’s Hiking Boots

Hiking is an excellent activity enjoyed by many around the world as a means for physical activity, as well as enjoying nature. And for some

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Hiking Footwear: Shoes Vs Boots

Introduction Hiking is a broad term. To define it, hiking is simply walking, but for longer distances, and on trails and off-road (rural area, countryside,