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India Himalayas Trekking

Those who are fascinated by the unexplored, the mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheatre of the Indian Himalayas


Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking and Tours – Your Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro

Your Tanzania safari tour will be incomplete without climbing Kilimanjaro. If you love adventures and excitements, here are some of the guidelines and tips you


My Top 5 Trekking Holidays

There is something about leaving the cities behind and striking out on foot into remote and undisturbed regions where the roads peter out into steep


Trekking Jewel in the South of the World – Torres Del Paine National Park

After nearly 12,000 years since its aboriginal settlement, the icy and remote destination amidst Chilean Patagonia was only reached by true explorers and scientists from


Mountain Hiking Tips, Mountain Trekking Gear & Equipment Hints

Mountain hiking demands great gear and more education than your typical trail hike. Why? Because as you ascend breathing becomes less efficient, passage grows rugged,

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Hiking Vs Trekking – The Differences

The terms seem to be used interchangeably on many websites and travel books. It becomes even more confusing when some companies sell their boots as