Gourmet Trail Recipes: Hummus

The word gourmet is relative. Especially when it comes to long distance backpacking. As a foodie and a long distance backpacker, I struggle to find a compromise. Here is a sample of one of my recipes that takes a little extra time to make, but the reward is worth it!



At home, hummus is one of our go-to snacks. You buy dried hummus, but the quality and calories are lacking. On a whim, I tried drying it myself and I was surprised how easy it was and how good the finished product was! I only list this as a “gourmet” recipe because it does require a food dehydrator or an oven. Pita chips or tortillas pack nicely and, in combination with the hummus, make a great stand alone snack or meal.



All you need is your favorite homemade or store-bought hummus!


At-Home Preparation

Take your favorite 10 oz. hummus and stir it up well (especially if it has a topping). If you like, stir in extras. I like to add Tapatio to spice up the red pepper flavored ones, or lime juice to sweeten the plain ones. Divide the hummus in three and spread it with a knife or spatula on three fruit leather trays in your food dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can spread the hummus on parchment paper or directly on a cookie sheet for drying in the oven. Either way, try and spread it evenly so that it is uniformly thin across the surface.

If you are using a dehydrator, set it to about 100F. If you are using an oven, set it on the lowest possible setting, preferrably 180F or below.

In the dehydrator, the hummus will take about 8-10 hours to dry. When it is done, it will crack and easily flake off of the trays. In the oven, it will only take about 1 hour, so keep your eye on it. You don’t want to cook or burn it.


Hummus spread on fruit leather tray in dehydrator

Divide into three small ziploc baggies. Since hummus is oily, I recommend you store it in the freezer to prevent it from going rancid. However, I have had it out of the freezer for up to 2 months with no problems.



On-Trail Preparation

About 5 minutes before you want to eat, pour just enough (cold) water onto the dry hummus to cover it. Do no add too much water; you can always add more, but it’s hard to take out. Let it sit 5 min. Stir again. If it is not creamy enough, add a tiny bit more water or up to 1 T. olive oil. That’s it!


Each serving is 200-370 calories, depending on the brand and whether or not you added oil. (Ex. Sabra hummus with no oil comes out to 235 calories.) Each baggie will make about 7 T. hummus and weighs about 1.5 oz.

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