Celebrating my cake day by remembering one of the greatest backpack adventures of my life. Havasupai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Celebrating my cake day by remembering one of the greatest backpack adventures of my life. Havasupai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

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  • This is a remarkable photo. I’m sure y’all had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Happy Cake Day!

    I had a reservation for this season but got squashed due to COVID. Any suggestions/tips for when I get to reschedule?

  • I lost both my big toenails after this hike. Not the best place to find out that your hiking boots are a little too small as the hiking into the canyon is about a 12 mile hike that’s all downhill. Thank goodness for the helicopter on the way back up! If you’re going to take the helicopter, on the way back up, make sure you get to the village early and get your name on the list. My friends hiked back up and beat me because the locals have priority on the helicopter.

  • My uncle was just telling me about this place last night. He said he went there about 45 years ago and practically no one went there at the time so it was pristine. He’s planning on going again this coming year but is worried because it seems to have gotten a lot more popular since he last went. I was thinking about joining him so if anyone has been there recently I’d be interested to hear about it.

  • Wow! Wish I’ll be able to experience backpacking too!

  • Is this the real life

  • Which part has so much vegetation?

  • I went in end of March last year and it’s so different from what you saw. There are no lush greens on the way to the village at al and only green you see is on a field on the way to Beaver.

  • Amazing picture! I did this hike a few years ago in winter, so I totally missed all that lush green scenery! Stunning photo

  • That ivy field is just the best. It’s like a separate mini paradise within paradise.

  • It’s so lush and green. Absolutely magnificent

  • Did this last year and it was unbelievable!!

  • Wow I had no idea it was so green in Arizona that’s beautiful

  • Just lookin for the raptor trails

  • That’s incredible

  • Yes, thank you for sharing the photo, the inspiration, and all the info! I live in SoCal so i’ve always wanted to do this. Happy Cake Day by the way!! Hope you get to have more adventures soon!

  • Looks beautiful. Love the greenery

  • I did this about 7 years ago with a large group of about 50 people. It was seriously one of the greatest trips i’ve bet done. I highly recommend Havasupai !

  • The grapes!

  • Looks incredible …!

  • My reservation this year got pushed back until next year. Hopefully it will be open by then

  • Do you see the bearhead, in the middle….🐻

  • I live an hour away from this reservation. The hualapai and supai are ravaged with COVID right now. The roads are closed and likely will be for quite some time. There are actual roadblocks so that people cannot go in and out of the reservation. Its absolutely terrible and many people are dying. Please keep in mind how small and remote these tribes are and how important it is to keep the spread of the virus from continuing to bombard them. The sky walk is open but they are limiting guests.

    Also, please be aware of the animal abuse that takes place in supai. There are many articles explaining the gruesome deaths of horses and mules that I will not link because it makes my stomach turn looking at them. Just do your research.

  • I thought Supai was closed for Covid-19!? My reservation was canceled. I know the tribe needs the tourist money but I don’t think a bunch of people should be traveling on native lands during this time. White foreigners have already killed too many native Americans with disease

  • Fantastic! Happy cake day to you. Years ago (2009) we hiked in, stayed at the lodge and did easy day hikes, then rode horses back up. It was mildly terrifying on the ride up due to a runaway mule coming down but absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done. Kudos to those who backpack the whole thing! Go see it, appreciate that the tribe allows you to experience their amazing home, and enjoy a whole new world.

  • WOW it’s so much more lush than when I went!

  • This is a remarkable photo..

  • Nice view

  • Oh! I have heard it is pretty “grand” there.

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