Need some help trip planning 9/25-10/4

Hey y’all,

Hope all is well. First post here so please tell me if I am in the wrong place! I currently have a permit for the jmt for the above dates, but with the fires extending later it’s looking less likely for this trip to happen and I am working on coming up with some alternatives.

My initial idea is to do the collegiate loop of the Colorado trail on the same dates, but I wanted to explore my options. Anyone have any suggestions for a hike over those dates? Something fairly accessible would be great either a loop i could drive to or access via plane and public transport.

I’m located in San Francisco which alleviates my JMT logístics to some bit but that was pretty well planned with a potential vvr resupply but I digress.

Colorado trail is particularly appealing as bear can is not required and no advanced permits are necessary and no fires! The one thing I am not sure about for collegiate loop would be weather but seems similar to what I was prepared to encounter in late September high Sierra.

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions. I can travel by plane or car Thursday the 24 after work but just have to be back to my computer by Monday morning the 5th! (Working remote)

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  • I’d forget the JMT. Nearby fires will burn into that time, and even if the USFS lets you in you will be in smoke. Sheesh, Mammoth Lakes is over 400ppm right now, just scary, and has gone even higher lately. Lee Vining at 700+!

    Colorado would be nice. Can snow, of course, but that could happen on the JMT (we hope). It’s further inland, so can get some colder weather earlier at times, but probably not that different than the worst you have already prepared for. And easier to deal with snow than smoke as bad as has plagued the Sierra. And the Sierra is close and easier for you, so nice to try something different.

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