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  • I’m trying to decide on my first titanium cup.

    I car camp, but want to eventually get into backpacking, so I’m starting to upgrade/downsize my gear.

    I’m just having issues deciding on size. It’s usually 3-5 of us when car camping. 2 minimum when backpacking (depending on who in my group is committed)

    So far my options are 750ml or a 1100ml.

    I do have a brs3000t. Ideally I’d like everything to stack inside.

  • Hi, all.

    I’m hoping to spend the night in Fishlake National Forest in a couple weeks and am seeing that most of the campgrounds are closed for the season. Is one allowed to still camp in out-of-season campgrounds following dispersed camping guidelines, or are they completely off-limits when closed?

  • I tend to hike alone, but my biggest problem is the time between setting up camp, eating then going to bed. If I go to bed really early, then I wake up at 2am and can’t sleep. But those hours after dinner are just really boring. What do people do to fill in the time?

  • I am wanting to get back into camping/backpacking. The only experience I have is with scouts the two years I was in it. I did learn a lot but at the same time we always had adults to help. Is there any books or other recourse you guys would recommend so that I have the appropriate knowledge/gear before just heading out? Also how do you guys find camping/hiking locations? Books, magazines, or websites? Thank you in advance.

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