Five Reasons You Should Use Hiking Poles

I am sharing five reasons you should use hiking poles, although there are many more. If you have seen people walking or hiking using these poles, you may have assumed it was just a new fad. But, these walking sticks have been popular in Europe for several years and have just recently found their way to the United States. They were introduced originally to give skiers a tool to practice in warm weather when snow was not available.

Here are my five reasons:

  1. Balance when walking
  2. Better than a cane for your back
  3. Exercise for your arms
  4. More enjoyment in hiking
  5. Taking stress from your knees

If you have osteoporosis, you may feel that hiking is out of the question because you are afraid of falling. But users of hiking poles have eliminated that fear. They testify to a feeling of confidence that they had not experienced since they first received their diagnosis. The poles I recommend have rubber tips that prevent slipping. One lady told us that even when walking over wet stones, she was not afraid. As I deal primarily with people who have osteoporosis and osteopenia, I have realized what a great benefit this is.

If you are walking with a cane, there is danger of getting your back out of line because you are leaning to the side of the cane. With walking sticks, your weight is evenly distributed between the two poles to avoid back injuries.

Another benefit of using walking sticks is that you will have exercise for your arms and upper body as well as your feet and legs when you are walking or hiking. This helps to reduce fat and develop muscles instead.

Users also express the fun of walking with hiking poles. In fact, there are clubs forming all over the country for those who enjoy walking with these poles.

If you have osteoarthritis, or other knee problems, some have told of the relief they have found when using hiking poles. They have experienced welcome relief for their knees because much of the weight is transferred to the arms instead of having it all on the legs.

These are just a few of the reasons I am recommending hiking poles or walking sticks as they are sometimes called. If you have osteoporosis or want to prevent it, walking is a great exercise and these poles will make it even more enjoyable.

Source by Muryal Braun

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