Hiking And Camping Gear – The Basics

There are endless varieties available, where hiking and camping gear is concerned. However, it does not make much sense to buy expensive gear worth thousands of dollars when you just start off with these activities. While buying hiking and camping gear, one has to first keep in mind the location or the place they will be camping at and the facilities provided for you at the campsite. Thus, you need to scour out locations that can become your potential campsites. This way, you will then be able to buy your gear keeping the conditions there in mind.

If camping is not just a one-off thing for you and you plan to go camping regularly, buying some basic gear would definitely be advisable. This will ensure your safety while making your camping trip extremely comfortable.

As we mentioned earlier, the place you are going to and the time of the year you are going, are the major determining factors when you decide what kind of hiking and camping gear is right for you. With this information clear, it will be much easier for you to decide about the most important things included in this gear- the sleeping bags and the attire. It is quite obvious that the clothes that you wear in warm weather will be no match for the chill and the cold winds of winter. However, the common thing in the attire for any season is that it should be durable and such that it is easily washable and can be dried quickly when you are on the move. It is advised that you layer your clothing as, irrespective of the weather conditions, this adds to your comfort.

If the picture of sleeping bags that you have in your mind is of the one you had when you were a child, you are in for a huge surprise. You are literally going to be bedazzled by the extensive variety and the features of sleeping bags these days which range from the option of a one or two person bags, to the ones specifically keeping the warm or the coldest weather conditions in mind, to the ones that can be folded to fit into the pocket of your backpack, with the materials ranging from allergy-free synthetics to soft and cozy goose down bags. You can also save yourself from the bad back that used to be n inevitable result of sleeping on the hard uneven ground, as now there are pads available that can be placed under your sleeping bag to make the ground less lumpy and uncomfortable and also drier and warmer.

There are many more hiking and camping equipment available, however buying those would depend on your individual needs as well as on the fact that whether all the facilities are available or not, at the place you are going to. If you feel that the water at the campsite is not suitable for drinking, it is imperative that you carry your water filters with you.

For the sake of convenience and also to protect the environment, it is always better to carry a washable mess kit. You need to make sure that you are carrying all the essential safety gear like flashlights, first-aid kits and definitely a radio so that you can be well informed in advance about the weather conditions. You can choose from this and more to ensure that you have all the equipment you need in order to make your trip truly enjoyable and safe.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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