Hiking Checklist – 10 Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without

Before you head out on a hiking adventure there are some essential items that you should always remember to take with you before leaving home. Whether you are hiking in the mountains or around a lake, you should have the essentials:

  1. Water – definitely do not forget, it could be very dangerous. If you become dehydrated while hiking, your muscles will spasm and lock up so walking will be nearly impossible. You would not want to be stuck out in the wilderness without water.
  2. Snacks – in case your stomach feels the urge to growl, you will have a little something to fulfil the hunger.
  3. Good Hiking Shoes – you want to have grip on those shoes for the slippery rocks, loose gravel. Also you will want to make sure the soles of the shoe do not twist for the maximum support on your ankles, IMPORTANT for the dangerous mountain climbing.
  4. Hat – for those sunny days, it is a refresher when it is hot and the sun is beating down, it will reduce the chance of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, also a very important item to be wearing.
  5. Bug Repellent/Sun Screen – too keep those pesky mosquitoes off, and sun protection for your skin.
  6. Whistle – carry one of these with you for emergency reasons, if there is a bear or if you injure yourself.
  7. Walking Stick – will help you to climb up hills and keep you balanced when crossing a log over a creek or river, will be your extra support when you need it.
  8. Camera – if you do not bring a camera you will miss out on the amazing scenery. You can capture the most stunning photos of wildlife, skylines, horizons’, and memories. Make sure to pack a disposable if you are afraid of losing your digital camera. A MUST!
  9. Backpack – so you can carry all your important items and less strain on you.
  10. Friend – it is nice to travel with a buddy, makes the trip and hike more fun, safer and exciting.

Once you have you back pack filled with all your gear, you set to explore and be adventurous. Have fun and be careful. Take breaks when needed and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. This is a great way to exercise and get in touch with nature. But please remember not to litter, or the environment will be bitter.

Source by Gordon Casada

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