I took a walk at 5A in the heart of Denali… met this bud, from a distance. Her ears turned back soon after this pic, so it was time to leave.

I took a walk at 5A in the heart of Denali… met this bud, from a distance. Her ears turned back soon after this pic, so it was time to leave.

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  • This picture is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  • I’d like to share an over long story about this picture… I was running a kitchen on St John in the Virgin Islands, which was a hard adjustment. I left Alaska in December 2019, and got on a plane in 10° weather, to step off in 80°+ humid hell… I fell in love with my new home, and met/made friends/worked with average beautiful people in an overly beautiful place, until covid came. Which was devastating. The restaurant closed on March 15, and I tried to hold on… but I had to leave, on May 20th- I had run out of money and couldn’t take care of my basic needs, let alone my friends and staff, that (all of us) had been abandoned by our employer.

    I came back to Alaska, under quarantine, defeated. I couldn’t even go home (my partner runs the kitchen at a local boys n girls club, and couldn’t risk losing his job over my potential five airport stop contagion potentiality.. I spent a couple months literally floundering, emotionally- I lost my dream job. I was in a cabin north of Wasilla, and really just… losing it. Then a friend of a friend reached out to me and told me of a job 5 hours in Denali, at a remote lodge, that needed a chef- and I *lunged*, not *jumped* at it….

    20 hour days for three weeks, then two days with no tourists… this is one of about 20 pictures I got that first morning off. It was a rare, cloud free day on the back side of Denali, and she was out in full force. I love all the comments about the moose in this picture, because she is truly an amazing beast…. but the beauty of this picture (in my mind) is how majestic and clear Denali is , with the added bonus of a cooperative moose (which is a complete oxymoron, ha!). Th as no y’all!

  • I know they’re massive creatures, but I’m always amazed and somehow surprised every time I see one in real life.

  • Dude this picture is so surrealistic, it looks like an exhibit at the natural history museum.

  • Great shot, Alaska looks incredible. Having never been to AK, how accessible is hiking/camping to beginners there? Are there organizations that do instructional courses and stuff? Given how remote it can get and how hazardous that can be, it seems like one really ought to know a thing or two about bushcraft and survival there. I’m just wondering where people learn these skills nowadays.

  • Great photo

  • First thought wow what a beautiful landscape, .5 seconds later Holy Shit a moose!

  • Crazy cool picture

  • This pic doesn’t even seem real, it’s just amazing 😍

  • What a beautiful picture. I always forget how large Moose get. I lived in New Hampshire briefly, and it’s the only time I’ve lived in an area with them. When I first moved in the building made me listen to a moose safety speech. I thought it was hilarious until I saw the first one in person and realized that thing could definitely ruin my day easily.

  • That is a magnificent shot.

    (obvious guy is obvious)

  • Have you ever kissed a moose? There’s one in Palmer at the reindeer farm that’ll give you a smooch. She’s a cutie too

  • She is a big girl. Bullwinkle would be all hot and bothered.

  • Thought this was a red dead pic until I noticed the pastels in the background

  • The foothills of this mountain are the size of the big ranges in the lower-48.

  • Beautiful photo. That’s a her.

  • Nice pic!

    Having never encountered a moose ever, I don’t get the “ears turned back” , what does that mean?

  • I’ve seen this [before](https://i.imgur.com/HUjufaS.jpg).

  • Grizzly country! I’ve never been but would love to partake one day.

    Thanks for sharing the great photo!

  • I thought this was a screenshot from rdr2

  • How can you afford to live out there

  • We’ve got a pretty good view of denali from our cabin, but I need to get a better camera, my phone works but I can’t put lenses on.

  • Looks like northern Sweden

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