In case you wondered what 27,000 calories worth of food looks like!

In case you wondered what 27,000 calories worth of food looks like!

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  • Hi guys!

    This week I’m doing a 150 km (100 miles) hike through my own country (Netherlands). While resupply on the way is not a problem as you’re never more than about 3 miles from a town, I figured I’d use the opportunity to practice for future hikes in the Scottish or Alpine wilderness, and challenged myself to walk the whole way without any resupplying (except for water).

    Overall this is well over 27,000 calories, weighing in at just below 7 kg (14-15 pounds). It should be enough for about a week I’d say.

    From left to right:

    * Farthest left: A pound of old Gouda cheese.
    * Second column:
    * 4 [metworsten](, Dutch dried pork sausage.
    * 2 salami sausages.
    * Third column:
    * Couscous
    * Powdered vegetables (paprika/bell pepper, tomato, spinach)
    * Various nuts and seeds (pecan, brazil, almond, walnut, peanut, and mixed seeds)
    * Fourth column:
    * Rice
    * Muesli (for breakfast)
    * Coffee (can’t function without it)
    * Various dried fruits (dried apricot, dried mango flakes, prune, raisins
    * On top, in the shadows:
    * 1 kg (2 pounds) of Frisian rye bread, for lunch.
    * Can of powdered milk (for the muesli).

    All foods were selected for four main criteria:

    * High calories-to-mass ratio. Particularly the nuts and dried fruits are good for this. The cheese is as well.
    * Ability to stay somewhat fresh on the trail. Rye bread, dried sausage and old cheese will stay tasty weeks after taking them out of the fridge.
    * Curiosity. The vegetable powder is supposed to be pure concentrated vegetables, just without the water, meaning it’s 90% lighter. Curious if it’s a good substitute for those hiking meals that you buy in the shop. Same with the milk powder: curious if it’ll taste like milk.
    * Taste and variety 🙂

    Any thoughts or tips?

  • Powdered vegetables are typically used to add flavour, colour and interest to a wet / saucy meal. I can’t see in your meal setup know these will be used. You can add them to the couscous or rice, but they typically won’t make a sauce on their own. They are also normally used in pretty small quantities. Try them at home to see how these ingredients and flavours work for you as a meal.

  • Albert Hijn Kaas, of course it’s Nederland!

  • Where exactly are you hiking? I love the Netherlands for biking but it never occured to me to hike there, maybe through the Veluwe but even there i prefer biking, it’s just not very interesting territory hiking wise imo.

  • That’s a lotta nuts! Genuine question: do you need to bring more water to counter them?

  • That’s some damn fine eating

  • Not familiar with these longer hikes, but how do you plan on using the powdered veggies?

  • Eet smakelijk!:)

  • So, two days’ worth, is what you’re saying…

  • That’s a lot of nuts, I wouldn’t want to eat that many nuts.

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