Patagonia Midweight Capilene – Worth getting over other synthetics, even some lighter ones? Versus Merino Wool?

Anyone actually have these? I know a lot of people harp over the fact that the thermal weight ones are warmer and lighter, but I’m really more concerned with the wicking ability. Are the midweight capilenes a good option with the lightweight being discontinued?

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  • I love my Patagonia air so much. Would always wear over merino.

  • the mid weight is my go to wearing around the house / to sleep layer. comfy find it wicks and breathes just fine, but yeah not really warm at all.

  • If marmot is still making the kestrel line of layers those are a pretty great choice too

  • fwiw I had the old expedition weight Patagonia thermals. too warm to wear most of the time! I don’t like my icebreaker wool thermals all that much though so considering going back to the mid weight Patagonia.

  • I bought the Patagucci Capilene pants for snowboarding. I got them on sale otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them, but now I would buy another pair at full price!

  • I’ve had the lightweights for 25 years and midweights for~12 years. I love my lightweights for sleeping and midweights for general wear. I think it depends on how you wear them and what you’re doing. Crisp 50 degree fall day all I wear is my midweights for outside time, 20 degree shoveling=midweight and a vest (sometimes vest comes off), hiking in 30-40 midweight and tshirt on top. I’ve worn my midweights under bike jersey for cool fall rides.
    The midweight is great for anything less than 60 but the wind blows through pretty well but once you put something on top it is warm.

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