I really just need a ‘dirt cheap,’ sleeping bag/quilt/whatever for a 1-2 nights at 30 degrees farenheit.

I’m just looking for a cheap cold weather sleeping set-up that compresses reasonably small and will keep me reasonably warm around 30 degree fahrenheit/ 0 degrees celcius.

I have the opportunity to hike to a particular destination I’ve been wanting to hit for a long time. I’m camping overnight, at an altitude of around 10k, with lows expected to get down into the 30s.

What the backpacking community calls “cheap,” or “budget,” tends to go by definitions I don’t really share. I’m really wanting to “cheap out,” even if it means keeping my merino wool layers on while I sleep and throwing some hand warmers in the bag with me.

To make it even more complicated, the trip is coming up fast so ideally I’m looking for something I can find on amazon. I find plenty of ~$35 bags rated for for 20-30 degrees but reviewers tend to dispute that.

I know you kinda get what you pay for, but I’m already needing to purchase quite a few small things and it all adds up.

Last time I cold weather camped, I was in a 40 degree cheap bag and it was usually in the 20s-30s and raining at night. I slept great, but the bag was very heavy and not at all practical for backpacking in.

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  • Your best bet might be to rent something.

  • So out of three factors – cheap, warm, light – you want all three? Cool story.

    If you want a $30 sleeping bag, it will either be warm, or light/small. You can’t have all three.

  • Buy once, cry once.

  • Honestly when camping in cold weather I use my cold weather clothing and sleep in my $12 cheap ass Walmart sleeping bag

  • go to walmart and get an ozark trail bag. im not sure what the selection will be like but i got a cheap AF synthetic 40° bag there like 5 or so years ago that compresses tinier than shit, is light as hell and actually is a 40° bag. i use it in the summer mainly and as a layer for on top of my quilt in the cold winter

  • if you troll for discounts online (incl ebay and craiglist) you will eventually find a deal. I don’t like to be cold, so I’d be looking for a 20F rated hydrophobic down bag if were you. some non-down bag are fairly light (though not as compressible).

  • Maybe check out Walmart’s Lithic line?

    I’ve heard ok things about “Aegis Max”

    The Kelty Cosmic 20 though is what I would recommend for a budget backpacking sleeping bag

  • You can’t have your cake and eat it also.


    1. Cheap, 2. warm, 3.compresses small

    You can’t have all three

    Pick two

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